The Hard Truth About How Success Really Works – By Jeff Haden

The Hard Truth About How Success Really Works – By Jeff Haden

This article reminds me of what Seth Godin said: Things easily done usually aren’t worth doing. Consequently, things that are worth doing aren’t easily done.

But also adds to this idea by saying that what stops us from achieving our goals and being successful is resentment when we see the success of others. We use excuses to make us feel better and to justify our laziness, poor habits, lack of success, etc.

Here are some quotes:

…that’s how success works. Fit people are fit because they work out a lot. Successful people are successful because they work incredibly hard. People whose family relationships are close-knit have put time and effort into building those relationships.

Nothing worth achieving comes without a price. To begrudge those who pay the price is unfair. To be unwilling to pay the price will always result in failure.

Look around: No matter what your pursuit, plenty of people have already succeeded. Great blueprints and easy-to-follow road maps are everywhere.

If you don’t have what you want, pay the price to get it. Don’t begrudge the success of others. Do what they do. It works for them and will work for you.

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