The Naked Warrior by Pavel Tsatsouline – One Arm Pushup

The Naked Warrior by Pavel Tsatsouline – One Arm Pushup

Hello comrades!

  • Chest must hit the deck. Shoulders must be parallel to the floor.
  • Start off with elevated (arms higher than feet) one-arm pushups, then gradually lower.
  • To make things more miserable, elevate the feet.
  • It’s critical to have high abdominal tension for the one-arm pushup. Abs tight, glutes tight, tail tucked in (the hollow position). To practise, get into regular pushup position and walk the hands forward then back whilst maintaining the hollow position. Make sure your back doesn’t sag. A variation of this is to turn to the side for each step.
  • It’s critical to keep your legs strong and tight for the one arm pushup. Lock your leg straight, making sure you’re pulling up with your quads, groin, side, glutes – make the leg rigid.
  • Belly button points slightly up in the hollow position (make sure your knees aren’t bending to make the belly button point up).
  • Inhale on the top. Inhale into your belly. Then you pressurise by kind of grunting. Then you grunt harder as you go up.
  • Don’t start saggy like a semi-dead cow. Tighten everything up. Brace for the load. Tighten up shoulder, bicep, tricep, armpit especially. Forearm: grip the deck. Then inhale.
  • Dead start one arm pushup: excellent at teaching you to generate full body tension. Tighten up, press. If you don’t tighten up everything, you will not get up.
  • Instead of yielding passively to gravity, you need to actively pull yourself into the deck. Keep your shoulder sucked in.
  • Put all your weight on the heel of your hand (outside part). Your hand is like a suction cup, flat. You must grip the deck till your fingertips turn white. Grip a little on the way down and grip very hard on the way up.
  • Apply a corkscrew to your technique and you’ll have more stability and more power. Instead of pushing or pulling straight down, do an inside out turn, like you’re screwing your shoulder into your socket.
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